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Friends of the O-Train is transit group composed of a number of community leaders, rail and transit experts, and concerned taxpayers. Our goal has been to present practical rapid transit options for the National Capital Region, for open discussion with anyone.
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Downtown Congestion

The city's plan will lead to a mixed bus-rail-auto mess that other cities have run into, see photo to the right. It was published in the Guardian Oct 4 2006, in an article on the the woes that have befallen British cities with the deregulation of buses by Margaret Thatcher. Do we really want Albert and Slater to look like this? Aren't they congested enough?

The city has proposed reducing Express buses by 29%. How they intend to do this is unclear. Our Practical Plan eliminates buses on Slater and Albert.

You can see their current congestion scenario in this graphic:

OC Transpo admits that the number of buses downtown must be reduced. Our proposal is shown here:


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