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Friends of the O-Train is transit group composed of a number of community leaders, rail and transit experts, and concerned taxpayers. Our goal has been to present practical rapid transit options for the National Capital Region, for open discussion with anyone.
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Updated Jan 16, 2006

We have been at the bus saturation point downtown since OC Transpo made the announcement it was reducing downtown buses in fall 2004. This means no new buses can physically FIT onto Slater and Albert streets, making a downtown eLRT solution a top priority of any transportation plan for Ottawa.

What's New:
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Letter from MPP Jim Watson.

Friends of the O-Train is glad the city has voted for a 6-month period for consideration of practical LRT options for Ottawa.

We continue to offer our suggested alternatives and extensions centered around expansion of the successful O-Train and a high frequency electrified downtown loop.

Much of the work can begin soon thanks to previous investment and environmental assessments already completed.

LRT in Ottawa is not dead. The O-Train has already become an essential component of the overall transit network in the city. Expanding it is the first step in the right direction.


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